Online Music Lessons

Rockstar Noosa is now offering live one on one online music lessons. Students for Australia, New Zealand and the world can now learn live with multi instrumentalist Pete Wood from Salmonella Dub.

Take the frustration out of the picture learning from an experienced musician Pete Wood who will have you achieving your goals in a very short time.

At the end of each lesson I email a summary of the lesson and goals for the week and I’m happy to answer any questions prior to the next lesson.





Guitar / Bass      Ukulele

I teach technique all the styles electric acoustic ukulele and bass speed picking syncopated  rhythms how scales and cords work and a time line and goals for those that have just started

Guitar Lessons Sydney.jpg
Keyboard & Piano

Get your skills for reading bass and treble clef get the left and right hand working independently and in unison learn songs that sound good and improve aspects of your technique


Bongos jinbeis and cardboard box challenges for kids and adults to get good motor skills while having fun


In theses lessons I keep talking to the minimum I play a short phrase in many styles then get you  to copy gradually increasing the complexity and by the end of the session you’ll be on a high taking note of what you want to work on and what you want to play over and over

drums 3.jpg

Get good technique right from the start or correct old bad habits lessons will involve technique tone scales and songs

trumpet 1.jpg

Half keyboard half breath control I can show you techniques I use in trumpet playing that transfer to melodica making it damn funky

melodica 1.jpg

Back in the day you would have a harmonica in your pocket that your take to the pub, parties and the beach I’ll show you how to bend, trill and get those train rhythms with controlled breathing

harmonica 1.jpg
Recorder / Tin Whistle

Instruments of total creditably when played properly. Recorder and tin whistle are lite to hold and good for little fingers if introduced to flutes or clarinetes to young the results are counter active

recorder 1.jpg

If the student is younger than 10 years or small they will require a curved head joint please google it and make sense of it I refuse to teach someone a flute that’s too big for them (shops may be coy about this but I am not!) lesson controlling the breath good positioning and posture playing it relaxed