Guitar / Bass      Ukulele

Versatile and fun. 


I can show you techniques for speed and grace, shredding in the correct key and rhythms to get you down right funky.

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Keyboard & Piano

The instrument that does it all, melody, counter melody, and chords.


For writing music and comprehending theory, this is the go to instrument.


Fun, physical and great meditation.  Rhythm is the key to playing all instruments well.


Applying percussion techniques to other instruments, especially guitar and keyboards, will have you rocking.


The martial arts of all instruments.


If you're the type of person that finds themselves tapping on the kitchen table then drums are the instrument for you.

Electric Drum kits are of an incredible quality these days you can practice without worrying about the neighbours.

Learn the fundamentals with me and you'll be rocking in no time.

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The saxophone is a beautiful instrument that with the right technique can be mastered in a short period of time Let me show you the different techniques including toughing, breath control and finger positions.


Of all the instruments I play this is the one that requires the most technique.


I can show you these techniques.


If you are already playing this instrument and are having any trouble come and see me.

If you are between 6 - 10 years old I recommend starting with a cornet.

trumpet 1.jpg

Fun and expressive, vital in any good horn section for giving bottom end and body. An instrument that is so unique and colourful. Let me show you techniques and approaches for getting the most out of this amazing instrument and making it sing. For beginners and advanced, see how far you can take it.


A cross between a keyboard and wind instrument, but similar in tone to an accordion, this instrument is great for both reggae and African styles.


I can show you techniques that I use on trumpet for fast tonguing that create great syncopation's and speed.

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Just want to play the blues?


I can show you how to get those bends, trills and shrieks.  In 2-3 lessons you'll be mashing it up.  


If buying a blues harmonica I recommend the brands Lee Oskar or Hohner in the key of A.  This means when jamming with a guitarist they will play in the key of E.

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Recorder / Tin Whistle

Great instruments in their own right and very cheap to purchase.


Good introduction in to all woodwind and brass instruments for breath control, finger coordination and pitch.

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If the student is younger than 10 years or small they will require a curved head joint please google it and make sense of it I refuse to teach someone a flute that’s too big for them ( shops may be coy about this but I am not !) lesson controlling the breath good positioning and posture playing it relaxed.