Piano Lesson

I'm 18 and my sister is 13.  We both knew how to play a few songs using the video where the keys light up as you play along.  In a 1 hr piano lesson Peter showed us the best angle for our hands, finger positioning and crossover of the thumb, mayor and minor chords (1, 3, 5) and how to read music, bass and treble clef, sharps, flats and naturals.  It was fun and a great learning experience.

Josh & Michelle

Guitar Lesson

I have had my guitar for over twenty years. I have mostly attempted to teach myself except, for a period of about three months, ten years ago, when I was getting some lessons from another teacher.

Recently, I started getting lessons again for Pete Wood. Given my previous experiences I was expecting that I would simply be learning how to play various chords.

I now realise that Pete does not simply teach you how to play an instrument. Pete teaches you how to become a musician.

I am still a very long way off being able to to call myself a musician, but thanks to Pete I am starting to believe that if I make the effort, I could be.

Not only is Pete an amazing music teacher, his lessons are so much fun and so beneficial. I could not recommend Pete Wood highly enough.

Jason F

Drum Lesson

I have been playing the guitar for years and have always wanted to learn the drums.  Mostly as I wanted to be able to compose my own songs fully by myself and have always found drum machines to be robotic and emotionless.  After a few lessons with Pete I was fully inspired and have since bought my first drum kit.  We are now working on triplets to increase my versatility and flare.

I have also taken on board Pete's advice regarding metronome training to help with my guitar skills and I am now a much better sounding player all round.

Ben S

Blues Harmonica - In 3 Lessons

When I saw how many instruments Pete played on his website I thought he was making it up.  Anyway I went and saw him and he's for real.  Plays them all really well.  Showed me blues harmonica techniques, it was too easy.  Now I'm getting guitar lessons.  He is a great music teacher, he makes perfect sense of it all.


Trumpet Lessons

I've been getting trumpet lessons from Peter for 6 months now.  He is a great trumpet teacher.  We go through the exercises of lip slurs and warm ups, then scales and getting good tone, followed by playing some songs.  I highly recommend him.