Recorder / Tin Whistle Lessons Noosa

Tin Whistle, sometimes called Irish Whistle or Penny Whistle, come in different keys and sizes.  The longer the length of the whistle the lower the pitch.  The shorter ones go higher in pitch.  For a child you can get the whistle that suits their size of fingers so they don't have to stretch too far.  I like the larges of the tin whistles that comes in the key of B flat. 


The advantage of the tin whistle is that there is no thumb hole at the back, which can sometimes get children confused depending on temperament, coordination and age.

As a tin whistle teacher I can teach you how to make it sound like a flute.

The recorder is a good instrument for finger coordination.  You have to get them just right.  Breath control is required to hold a good quality note.

As a recorder teacher I can teach you how to play this instrument sweetly and in tune.

recorder 1.jpg