Saxophone Lessons Noosa

The saxophone is a beautiful instrument that with the right technique can be mastered in a short period of time. Let me show you the different techniques including tonguing, breath control and finger positions.

Both tenor saxophone, the lager and lower pitched, and alto saxophone, the smaller and slightly higher pitched, have the same finger positions so you can transition between the two quite easily, getting the same tonal results and using the same skills. For a small person or under the age of 13. I recommend an alto saxophone first as it will be easier to hold and mange, they are also more affordable in purchase cost. Alto can also be played by a large person as well. Second hand saxophones are usually very good and retain their value however I recommend getting them checked by a service person if you are unsure if the pads need replacing or it has been dropped or bent as the expense of repair can sometimes outweigh the savings in purchase price. Let me guide and teach you the skills required to play saxophone, an instrument I find to be fun ,playful ,lively and moody.